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The secret recipe for interior design

Today you will find an incredible variety of furniture and home decor accessories on the market. Something to lose when looking for a new sofa or a new dining table. To help you make your choice, we have provided the guide to buying furniture and home accessories.

In this article : Home furnishings and accessories: what you need to know

1. Define your style

To come up with ideas, you have to rely on what you like and what you can't stand. We can then play with colors, patterns, prints, materials, shapes, cuts and volumes. To achieve this, we must understand what pleases us. Decoration is a matter of taste. You can buy everything anywhere, just like you can do everything yourself. This is why the catalog of a shop is essential in its choice of brand and decorator. Decoration is a matter of emotion.

Set up your own goals

It is always good to set specific goals. Decorating your home is not just about buying furniture and paintings. Interior design is an art that extends from the choice of the color of the walls and furniture to the storage cabinet, including the layout of the room. Above all, you have to learn about trends. There is not one interior design for everyone. There is an interior decoration for every desire. It is an art and a pleasure that allows us to highlight our personality

2. Create a warm atmosphere

Learn to identify the furniture and home accessories that inspire you.

To create a warm atmosphere in your interior, you need comfortable and reassuring furniture and home accessories. You can choose soft tones, such as white, cream or gray, or soft colors. And so that the furniture and decorative accessories in your living room are pleasant to the touch, opt for soft materials, such as velvet, cotton or leather. The model of your sofa is an important element in your interior. It should be comfortable and stylish. The sofa, a living space, for your living room to be welcoming, you need a sofa that suits you, whether in terms of shape or size. Choose a sofa that will suit you and your space.

The place of the sofa is essentially symbolic. It is a living space that invites relaxation, letting go, and conviviality. It creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. That’s why it’s important to choose it well. A leather sofa will give you an impression of luxury and elegance, while a fabric sofa will give you a feeling of comfort and softness. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Leathers are more durable, but they are more difficult to clean and require regular maintenance. Wool is softer, but may be less durable. The color of your sofa is also an essential element.

The color of your sofa should match that of your living room, furniture and decorative items. It must be in harmony with the style of your interior. Choosing a light color or a dark color will depend on the brightness of your room.

If you want a sofa that's full of energy, go for a light color. If you want a cozy atmosphere, choose a dark color. The natural color of leathers and fabrics is always very appreciated. It is natural, warm and durable. Glossy finishes are always very fashionable. They bring light to your home.

The light in your apartment also furnishes your rooms. The choice of bulbs and lampshades will give you endless possibilities to create an atmosphere. Indeed, we can play on the color, on the light or even highlight certain objects.

For example, you can put colored light bulbs in a small corner of the room to draw the eye and interest to an object or a photo. But bulbs don't just light up your interior. They can also be an element of decoration. The bulbs are designed to diffuse white or yellow light. But you can find bulbs that diffuse other colors, such as blue, which can be used to create a special atmosphere. There are also bulbs that do not emit light at all. They are called black bulbs. They create a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.

Choose the right place to install your lights. There are several types of luminaires depending on their position, shape and function. Indeed, there are some that are intended to illuminate the interior of rooms, others are intended to illuminate the exterior. One can find luminaires which are used to illuminate only the ceilings, or those which are on the ground. There are also some intended to illuminate a particular piece of furniture. The choice of where to place your lights is an important decision.

You need to keep in mind how light works, its impact on the room, and how to integrate it into your decor. Once you have found the ideal method, bet on quality equipment and equip yourself so that you can light your living room like nowhere else.

3. Use a variety of materials

You must choose different finishes according to your living rooms. There are several types of finishes depending on the room you want to furnish.

1. Natural material finishes: wood or stone are the materials that best match other materials. These types of finishes are very trendy lately.

2. The noble material finishes: for living rooms such as the living room or the dining room, we choose noble finishes such as mahogany, maple pluck or even rosewood.

3. Contemporary material finishes: if you want living rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, this is an ideal style for an apartment. Contemporary finishes are always in vogue, but you can vary the colors and styles of the furniture to create a spacious and modern interior.

4. Architectural material finishes: for living rooms such as the bathroom, opt for architectural finishes. You can choose between glass, metal or wood. Contemporary material finishes: if you want a modern atmosphere in your home, opt for contemporary finishes.

To conclude, if you want an interior where life is good, it is important to choose furniture and home accessories that look like you. You can make this choice depending on your personality or your lifestyle.

It is important to think about the function of each piece of furniture and accessory and to know how you are going to integrate them into your interior. Materials, colors and light are all important factors in decorating your living spaces.

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